Look at the difference 6 months can make

Feb 28, 2017

Digging through some photos of Lasqueti Spirit at the races we found two shots, the same stride 6 months apart.

Its amazing to even see two photos in the exact same point of her stride.

Lasqueti Spirit was always a lovely type of filly. When we purchased her at Magic Millions we always thought she had the framework there she just needed to grow into herself. She was all leg and had plenty of growing to do.

Take a look how 6 months of maturing can change a horse.

Lasqueti Spirit - Randwick - August 2016

Although she has a winter coat here she still looks a little "soft" and round.. She had the bones of a nice horse, tall, strong, deep girth. Comparing to the second photo you can see she still looks a little babyish.

Lasqueti Spirit - Randwick - February 2017

You can see how she has grown taller, thicker and more robust. Muscle tone is much greater especially through the forearm and chest. Her neck is thicker and her hindquarter stronger. You can also see how she carries herself differently to the first photo, You can see she has seasoned. She looks like a well balanced, well maintained "chiseled machine"..

We wonder how she will look in 6 months time?

Big Thanks to the following suppliers of photos -

Top photo with Winx - www.darylduckworthphotography.com.au

2 single photos of Lasqueti Spirit - www.bradleyphotos.com.au